Company name "Family-oriented corporation", UAB

Company address: Aludarių 1/Pakalnės 2, Vilnius

Company code 302443766

VAT payer code LT-100004955615

Settlement account  LT26 7300 0101 1857 4328


Correspondent Bank:

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York


FED/ABA Bank code: 021001033


Beneficiary’s Bank:

“Swedbank”, AB (Formerty AB Hansabankas),

Konstitucijos 20A, Vilnius



  • Products - All our offered products are well-known to you from other trading venues. Here you will find your favourite products whose quality and features are already familiar to you.
  • Time - We try to save your precious time! After making an order and paying for it via the internet, you can receive the ordered products at any time convenient to you. You will not have to waste your precious time traveling to marketplaces, choosing products, standing in long queues and carrying heavy bags.
  • Delivery - we will deliver your order anywhere within the country, to your indicated address and at a specified time.
  • Delivery price - The minimum product order price is 50 EUR, delivery price is 15.00 EUR. 
  • Loyalty discounts - When paying for each order, you will be given discounts for your next purchases. Thus, you will constantly save money when buying our products.
  • You can use the discount accumulated from the marketing network in three different ways:
    1. When making your next order, use the discount when paying for the products. The discount is applied before calculating VAT, which means that the applied discount does not include 21% VAT.
    2. You can cash out your accumulated discount. In which case, a bank check will be sent to you for your provided services.
    3. Use part of the accumulated discount to pay for products, and take the rest of the money as payment for your work.
  • Security - Payments made through internet banking is the cheapest and safest payment option. For your convenience, we offer the possibility to select a bank account from the same bank that you use. Bank fees will be the lowest, and payments will be processed faster.
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