The minimum product order price is 50 EUR, delivery price is 18,15 EUR.


Product delivery is carried out only after your payment is received.

Delivery is carried out according to the date and address specified in your order.


If the company is not able to carry out the order or the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product, the company will refund the product purchase price by transferring it to the personal account of the customer.

If the buyer wishes to return the product, he must inform us in writing within 14 days from the day the product was received or accepted in the "Write us" section and (or) call us via the indicated phone number. The buyer must pay for the cost of return of the product.

After receiving the returned product and assessing its quality, the Seller shall return the money to the buyer for the product within 14 days from receipt of the written notification about product return.

The product must be returned in its original package (with instructions and warranty certificate, if they were delivered with the product). It is necessary to provide the order number of the product and its VAT invoice which was received upon product delivery.

The buyer shall be responsible for the full set of the returned product. The Seller shall not accept the product if an incomplete set of the product is provided upon its return.


Defected products and incomplete product sets

If a product is returned due to its poor quality, we shall undertake to replace the poor quality product with a good quality product at our own expense, or refund the product. Poor quality products are replaced or refunded according to the Rules on retail trade approved by 2001-06-11 Government Resolution No. 697.


If a buyer wishes to make a claim on a defected product or incomplete product set, he can contact us via the “Write us” section or via e-mail


When making a claim, the buyer must provide the following information:

  1. Product order number.

  2.  Photo of the product, photo of the defected area (if the defect is mechanical and possible to photograph).

  3.  Photo of the product package.

  4.  Describe the defect of the product, defect characteristics or name the missing part.


When making a claim, the buyer must indicate how he would like the claim to be resolved:

  • The defected product should be replaced with a good quality product.

  • Missing parts should be added to the incomplete product set.

  • Money should be returned for the product.


An answer shall be provided within 5 working days after the claim is examined.

Return of appropriate quality product shall only be possible according to the established procedures of the Rules on Retail Trade approved by 2001-06-11 Government Resolution No. 697. In this case, product return expenses must be paid by the buyer.


The following rules must be followed when returning the products:

  • the product must be returned in its original undamaged package (this paragraph is not applied when returning poor quality products, except in cases when returning poor quality cosmetics of perfumery products);

  • the product must not be damaged by the Buyer;

  • the product's marketable appearance must not be damaged (undamaged labels, untorn protective films, etc.). (this paragraph does not apply when returning poor quality products);

  • the returned product must have the same set as received by the buyer.


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