It is very safe and easy to order the products you are interested in. You will need:

1.  If you are already registered, log into the system by entering your username and password. If you want to register - ask friends who are already registered to send you an invitation or go to "shop now join" and we will send you an invitation. During the registration, you will need to fill out a simple form.

2.  Select the desired product in the "Shop" page. For your convenience, products are grouped into categories. This will make the search for desired products much easier. You will be able to view basic information about the product in the product list. You can find more information about the product by clicking on the product name or the link "More Information". You can enlarge the image of the product (if it is provided by the manufacturer) by clicking the left mouse button on the image in the product list.

3.  Indicate the quantity of the product and press ENTER or click on "Add to cart". The product will be added to your cart. You can always view the names and quantities of products on the right side of the "Shopping cart" list. If you decide not to buy certain products or change their quantities, you can return to the "Shopping cart" window and make the necessary corrections.

4.  The minimum product order price is 50 EUR. After selecting all the necessary products, return to the "Shopping cart" window. To complete the order, click on "Confirm order".

5. Indicate the date and the address to which your order will be delivered. 

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