The Corporation sells software

The Family-Oriented Corporation is looking for business partners to cooperate in the MLM field. The Corporation offers a multi-level marketing plan that might be suitable for providers of various types of goods and services. The software has been verified in retail trade of a supermarket and proved to easily process over 10,000 products. This software can be used in global markets trading in food, health, household, hygiene, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, office, industrial, and animal products.

The MLM software is designed so that it is easily modified according to the need and adapted for various activities. The software comprises not only a compensatory mechanism for distributors’ promotional activities, but also warehousing, trade administration, and internal accounting applications (including full product logistics). The software helps to update information, enter new products, make changes, select promotions, collect orders from users, filter orders by country, administer goods, form orders to suppliers of goods by lists of lacking items, filter a lack of items by country, keep financial records, etc.

Products are scanned by barcodes. Product descriptions are available in various languages; the online store’s activities can be enabled or disabled by country. You can enable or disable separate goods by country. The price of goods and the cost of door-to-door delivery can also be selected by country. Currency is selected and changed by country and is automatically exchanged at the official bank rate. All software options are described in Help, so, it is easy to learn to use it.

The compensatory mechanism for distributors’ work is easily modified according to the needs: you can change titles of qualifications, percents awarded to distributors, a number of marketing levels, a minimum amount of order, a minimum personal activity of a distributor for the current month, select distributors who have reached required qualifications for the company's global forum, etc.

This software is installed in the server proposed by a business partner, at the Internet address specified, with the desired design.

The Family-Oriented Corporation undertakes to carry out software maintenance and software updating. If necessary, upon preliminary arrangements, it will conduct training for business partners’ employees.

The Corporation sells software to potential business partner and cooperates as a business partner.


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