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With each purchase, you receive a return of 4% to 9% of your money!

For new users:

      In order to register a friend, you can submit your personal link as an invitation.
All you need to do is go to your "Profile", where you will find your personal information and "Personal link" which you can send via email to your friends and acquaintances.
     The computer program knows that this newly registered person is yours. This means that you will receive money and points from the purchases of your people. The higher the number of accumulated points, the more percent you earn from other purchases. A discount is also calculated from your each purchase.

     People registered by you are also able to register other people and receive money from their purchases. At a later stage, you will also receive money from the purchases of new people registered by those who were registered by you.

      You can find more information in the sections "Marketing plan" and "Marketing payments".

      In order to receive a percentage from the purchases of others, you need to be active during that month.


A thousand reasons why you should buy:

  • Thousands of products for my family, parents and grandparents, which I may buy and ship to my home;
  • Hundreds of food products;
  • Hundreds of organic products;
  • Hundreds of products for my home medical kit;
  • Hundreds of products for my precious baby;
  • Hundreds of products for my beloved pet;
  • Hundreds of household and hygiene products for my family;
  • Hundreds of free minutes to spend with my family, instead of queuing in a store;
  • Possibility to save money through discounts....


Product delivery for companies

  • An employee of a company is registered during initial registration;
  • Mark "Register as new company" in the "Profile" section;
  • Fill in details of the company.



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